General Questions


What is Wishalbas?

Wishalbas is an online fashion platform that provides easy access to the widest selection of clothings, makeup, beauty products and accessories from the most talented designers.


Who can shop from Wishalbas? 

Our website is the ideal solution for fashion lovers of all ages, men and women, who seek unique and trendy clothings from top designers.


Why shopping from Wishalbas?

When you shop from us you are guaranteed to:

1. Find a wide range of products from the best designers in the world.

2. Have a pleasant & safe shopping experience.

3. Find unique and one-of-a-kind products.

4. Get exceptional customer care service.

5. Get express shipping.


How can I reach Wishalbas products?

You can do that simply, by visiting our website www.wishalbas.com, choose the category you want.


Can I order from more than one designer in the same time?

Yes you can, the order will be process for each designer individually, from cost and shipping arrangements.


Where is Wishalbas head location?

KSA, Jeddah, Al Khalidiya


What is Wishalbas official working hours? And does it affect my shipping delivery time?

Our working hours from Sunday - Thursdays.

The shipping delivery time is affected by shipping companies working hours. 


Can I buy a gift and send it with Wishalbas? Or coupon?

Yes you can, by adding the recipient of the gift address in the shipping fields and leave a note to clarify that, or you can ask our customer care for a coupon 



How can I shop from Wishalbas?

You can do that by creating an account or as a guest in both case follow the steps below..

1- Choose the item you want to buy, and carefully specify the options: size, colors and fabrics..etc.

2- Add the item to the cart by clicking (Add to cart)

3- Once you’re done adding items to the cart, click on (View cart or Checkout)

4- After review your order click (Proceed to Checkout)

5- You can create an account or complete your order as a guest

6- Make sure to register your information accurately, then choose your payment method and shipping options. 


Can I buy from the mobile?

Yes you can, through Wishalbas App


Can I order from outside Saudi Arabia?

Yes you can, we can deliver your order to wherever you are.


Can I cancel my order?

No, you can’t cancel your order




How can I pay for my order?

If you are reside in Saudi Arabia, you can choose between Cash on Delivery or Online payment.

If you reside outside Saudi Arabia you can choose one of Online Payment method.

We are always working on improving our payment mechanism to meet the market need.

Make sure to visit our Payment page to keep updated.


Is there any extra cost when place your order? 

If you order from within Saudi Arabia, there is no additional charges. 

But if customer or the designer resides outside of Saudi Arabia there might be custom cost according to that country. For more information check Shipping and Payment page


How can I use the coupon?

Simply add the coupon code in the checkout page


Is it safe to buy from your site?

It is safe to order online, we a secure connection, SSL certificates. 


Shipping and Delivery


How long it will take to receive my order?

After confirming the order, we will start processing the order and that will take between 3 to 7 working days, that doesn’t include custom cost.

Some of the orders may take time to prepare, this information will be mentioned in the product description. For more information check the Shipping policy


How much is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost is:

45 SR for shipping within Saudi Arabia

150 SR for shipping to the gulf countries

300 SR for international shipping


How can I track my shipment?

We will provide you with shipping number to track your shipment, in case there was no shipment number our employee will provide you with the needed information


What if I am not available to collect my order?

Our employee will contact the shipping company to arrange for appropriate pickup time, there will be three attempts to deliver the shipment then it will be returned to the sender.


What if I received the wrong item?

Don’t worry, if you received item that doesn’t meet your order, all you have to do is contact our customer service at care@wishalbas.comand we will arrange for a return process and we will refund you, for more information check the return policy


Return Policy


What If i want to return my order?

No problem, we have a return policy. For more information kindly visit our return policy

Questions and Complains


Whom should I call for my inquiries? 

You can reach us on our mobile number: +96656811022 

Or you can write to us through our contact form

Or you can send us an email to our customer care email: care@wishalbas.com