General Questions

What is Wishalbas?

Wishalbas is an online fashion platform that provides easy access to the widest selection of clothings, makeup, beauty products and accessories from the most talented designers.

Who can shop from Wishalbas?

Our website is the ideal solution for fashion lovers of all ages, men and women, who seek unique and trendy clothings from top designers.

Why shopping from Wishalbas?

When you shop from us you are guaranteed to:

  1. Find a wide range of products from the best designers in the world.
  2. Have a pleasant & safe shopping experience.
  3. Find unique and one-of-a-kind products.
  4. Get exceptional customer care service.
  5. Get express shipping.

How can I reach Wishalbas Products?

You can do that simply, by visiting our website www.wishalbas.com, choose the category you want

Can I order from more than one designer in the same time?

Yes you can, the order will be process for each designer individually, from cost and shipping arrangements.